Questions and Answers


Q. What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

A. Also known as micro-pigmentation and permanent make-up. Cosmetic tattooing is the introduction of specially formulated pigment colours into the upper layers of the dermis.

This is done by using specifically crafted sterile needles, creating subtle designs in the skin that resemble make up art, such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour.

Q. What is Medical Tattooing?

A. This is when beautiful delicate skin colours, designed to replicate your skin tones, hair colouring, areola colour are introduced via specially crafted needles to camouflage scars Imitate hair camouflaging hair loss and delicate areola colours creating 3D areola/nipple

replacement colour after reconstructed breast surgeries.

Q. What is Micro Blading?

A. Micro blading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, feather touch and hair-like strokes isa form of permanent make-up. It is perfect for anyone who wants to fill in gaps on their brows, reconstruct, define or perfect brows. This latest trend is very much in demand

because of its natural results.

Q. How long is Each Treatment?

A. Treatment times are approximately 1.5 – 2 hours for each procedure but this is a guideline and not a fixed time. Every effort is made to keep appointments on schedule,however the skin is a living organ and everyone has an individual response. This means occasionally appointments may take longer.

Q. Is It Painful?

A. This will vary from person to person as each individual has a different pain threshold. Very effective pain control is used through various topical anaesthetics.

Q. Is It Safe?

A. If the proper sterilization and disinfection guidelines are met, cosmetic tattooing is very safe.

1. All needles are new and sterile for each client.

2. Disposable one-time use machine parts are always used.

3. Aprons, gloves, sterile packs and bed covers are new for each client.

4. The room is sterile and neat and adheres to Health Department guidelines.

Q. Is there Any Possibility of the Treatment Causing Medical Problems?

A. Any problems or reactions are almost non-existent with today’s health standards. Post treatment instructions will need to be carefully followed; this will greatly reduce any risk of infections. Medical problems associated with cosmetic tattooing are often linked to poor aftercare attention.

Q. Is There Any Preparation Prior to The Treatment?

A. There may be a little preparation needed, such as clients are strongly advised to avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to treatments.  Discontinue Aspirin/Fish Oil a week prior (you can consult with your doctor if you are

unsure).  You will not be able to get your treatment wet for 4 days, so we recommend you wash

your hair prior to the treatment as it may cause difficulty after. If your treatment is eyeliner, we recommend you have any eyelash extensions removed and advise they are not replaced until 2 weeks AFTER your final perfecting treatment.

Q. How Do You Choose Colour and Shape?

A. You can bring in any images and make-up colours you have of what you would like. We will discuss what you are aiming for, colours can be tailor mixed to obtain a desired look and complement individual skin tones. Brows, eyeliner and lip shape are carefully

measured and drawn on first and once agreed upon, the tattooing will commence.

Q. Why Do I Need a Perfecting Session?

A. It is highly unlikely that colour and shape will be perfect after the initial procedure. The perfecting treatment will be scheduled for 4 – 6 weeks later and this will enable your colour and shape to be adjusted and darkened, if needed.

Q. Is There Any “Down Time”?

A. There will be some “down time” after your treatment. Aftercare instructions will need to be carefully followed to avoid infections and get the best results from your treatment.

1. You cannot get the area wet for 4 days.

2. No heavy exercise for 24 hours.

3. Avoid sun for 2 weeks

4. Avoid make-up for 3 – 4 days

Q. Can I Get Botox “After” My Treatment?

A. Yes, it is fine to get botox “after” your treatment. However, it is advised that if you have botox “before” your treatment, you need to leave it at least 2 weeks before you commence with your tattooing.

Q. Does the Colour Look and Last the Same In Everyone?

A. No. The skin is a living organ and it is unique and individual with everyone. How the colour looks and lasts will depend on your own skin type and life style.

Q. How Do I Maintain My Tattoo?

A. The pigments used are subtle and natural and the needles designed for the delicate skin on the face mean they only introduce the colour to the upper layers of the dermis. This means they may fade with sun exposure, active products, metabolism, outdoor activities, etc. Colour retention will vary from person to person and may last between 6 and 18 months. Annual re-touch sessions are recommended to keep your treatment looking fresh.